Nigerian singer-songwriter Toby Grey, who resides in the UK, makes a triumphant comeback with her latest single, “Honey & Spice.”

On October 5, 2023, Toby Grey released a brand-new song. In it, she displays her vocal prowess as she expertly and gracefully moves through the song’s range of emotions. The song, which was created by the talented Mellow, not only highlights Toby Grey’s excellent vocal abilities but also illustrates her ongoing musical development.

Additionally, “Honey & Spice” is Toby Grey’s follow-up to her previous single, “Peace Of Mind (Remix),” on which she worked with Kemuel and Mamba Sounds. The consistency of her music is evident as she moves smoothly from the peaceful sentiments of “Peace Of Mind” to the more brazen beats of “Honey & Spice.” Toby Grey’s versatility and her capacity to write songs that connect with a wide range of music lovers are demonstrated by this new tune.

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